RSHS Juniors begin to blog


Today, at Richland Springs High School, the junior English class finally got their blog set up.  It will be located at http://www.  We barely got it all set up before the class was over, but most everyone was working diligently.  Two of the boys made short posts.  Hopefully, tomorrow, everyone will be able to view their blogging. Please help us spread the word about our blog.

As I write today, I am waiting for the One Act Play auditions to begin.  I must hurry and get over to the cafetorium, yes, that is correct, the cafetorium.  It is a new work that was coined when small schools could not afford both a cafeteria and an auditorium, so they combined the two.  We have a very nice stage, but the audience seating is on a flat floor where tables are set up each day for breakfast and lunch.  When the cafeteria ladies are working, it’s very difficult to hear.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Central Texas.  I hope everyone is having a spectacular day.  I’m off to play auditions.

Until tomorrow……..


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