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Today, I discussed blogging with my students in our little rural school.  None of the students had ever read a blog!  Isn’t that amazing?  Many of them had never even heard the word.  Some of them were interested, especially the 11th graders.  They asked many questions, probably in order to prolong getting to the main lesson of reviewing some skills that will be tested on the state exam.  As the questions flowed, as well as the discussion, we decided to create a school blog which the students will write.  We are hoping to call our blog:  coyotepride.  I can’t wait to get them started blogging.  It should be a pleasure to be able to blog and not write in their spiral journals for a while.  I am so hoping that they will like blogging.  The problem is that the wordpress site must first have the block taken off of it.  Then, we must be able to have the use of 13 computers since we have 13 juniors in our class.  We actually have 13 laptops, but one of the teachers needs to borrow one for her computer class that period!  Oh, the woes of teaching in a small school.  How cool would it be to have 15 laptops in my classroom that no one would be allowed to borrow, not to mention ones that would boot up quickly and work dependably.

Also, going on today is much drama about the competition One Act Play.  Choosing a play is always so difficult.  Then, finding enough students to perform the play is a problem in this small school.  Most of our older students have to work to help out at home, so they leave school at noon and go to jobs.  Life is complicated even for children.  After much adieu, I think we shall work toward casting The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams.

The good and exciting news today is that my college roommate’s son, Cory Reinisch, has recorded his first CD.  Yippee!!!  so proud of Cory and for his parents.  The Brady, Tx. radio station will be playing some of Cory’s music and interviewing Cory today.  His band is called Guns of Navarone.  It can be checked out on Youtube.


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    • My favorite is the line from Steel Magnolias : If you don’t have annihtyg nice to say, come sit by me! LOL! Our weather is hot (but not as hot as we’ve been 93 as opposed to over 100) and cloudy (which is probably why we’re not touching 100 today). And tomorrow, if we don’t have annihtyg nice to say, I suggest popping dark chocolate M&M’s. If the chocolate doesn’t help, at least our mouths will be too full to speak.

  1. First guess on date for the picture: after 1971 (Sid Richardson College oneped) but before 1984 (45-90-180 sculpture installed). I’m not sure at present how to get tighter than that 13-year window, though I suppose the buildings downtown provide a guide.In the 1920-era photo, what’s the building just off the track, near the intersection of Main and University? You can see a graceful semi-circular drive off of Main, and the more recent photo seems to show a ghost of the same structure south of the track. Was it an early gym building?

  2. Beautiful!!Bluebonnets must be more plentiful than Colorado’s state flwoer. *law prohibits digging or uprooting the flwoer on public lands and limits the gathering of buds, blossoms and stems to 25 in one day. It is unlawful to pick the columbine on private land without consent of the land owner.*

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