Gardening–Intensive Care Unit


I think I’m a failure at growing early tomato plants from seeds.  I finally took my two trays of spindly plants into town to the school.  The agriculture teacher has a green-house full of many beautiful plants.  The 5th and 6th graders have beautiful, large tomato plants growing out there.  Yes, 5th and 6th graders!  Today at lunch, the Ag teacher told me he had my plants in the “plant intensive care unit” of the green-house!  Oh No!!!  I knew they looked sickly, but that bad?!  My son will be most aggravated if I waste those seeds from his League of Nations garden!

Today was one of those days when I wonder why so many little things that go wrong get me down!  Ever have those days?  I’m a school teacher.  One of the play’s important props went missing, students wanted their grade averages and I don’t have them ready, the cast forgot their lines tonight at the dress rehearsal, some students were disrespectful and wanted to show their “power” and “bullyness”, and the furniture store who owes me a new, matching sofa and loveseat that are already paid for emailed that they are closing.  Well!  what an end to a perfect day!  Whine, whine, whine.  Spring break can’t come fast enough for students and teachers alike!  For sure I can’t go into full-time gardening for a living since my plants are in intensive care, so I guess I’ll suck it up and go forward as a teacher.

How lucky and fortunate I am to know an Ag teacher who will take in my ailing plants and nurture them and to know I have students who will rise to the occasion tomorrow when they perform for a critic in Bandera, Texas.



About countrylivingdreamer

I am a public school teacher of high school English, speech, & theatre who is living her dream of living in the country, 30 miles from the nearest grocery store. In order to accomplish this dream, my husband and I have lived like pioneers for about 3 years, and I hope to blog about our adventure and the adventures that we continue to have.

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    • I love everything about this post. I have an itty bitty cotupmer screen so before I could scroll down and see your comment about how much your baby photo looks like Asher, I was already thinking it! Uncanny indeed. If we ever make it to TX you will take photos of my girls in those beautiful bluebonnets. :o)

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