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New Year’s Day in the Country, 2012


Upon rising this morning, I began baking the “Apricot Bars” which I planned to take to the brunch that is given yearly by a local family.  The brunch is hosted by our neighbors, who live about five miles from us.  I was moving a bit slower than planned, and we didn’t arrive at the assigned time of 10:00 A.M., so when we got there, cars and pick-up trucks, mostly trucks, were parked all over a couple of acres of “yard”, and the blessing had already been given by a minister who lives three hours away in Fort Worth.  It looked as if there were over one hundred people outside milling around and eating.  The Airdale dog met us with a friendly greeting as we made our way toward the front door.  As I deposited my “Apricot Bars” on the bar, I looked around at all of the food that the host family provides, and out of curiosity asked how much bacon they had cooked:  10 pounds!  Oh yeah, and 10 pounds of sausage and 20 pounds of potatoes, and 300 quail.  The birds were fried outside under the carport in two large vats/pots of grease which were heated by flames from portable propane tanks.  Volunteers, men, were frying the quail.  They had on matching, camouflage aprons:  cute!  Sitting on the counter was the largest pot of cream gravy I’ve ever seen.  Joining it were homemade biscuits, a delicious cheese bread, hash browns of various kinds, three kinds of fruit salads, and desserts out the kazoo.  It looked like a Luby’s cafeteria, but with a much better and tastier selection of homemade delicacies. As we joined the long line, we came to the drink selection which included Mimosas, Bloody Marys, juice, tea, water, soft drinks………you name it, it was there.

How do these generous, kind-hearted people do it year after year?  And they look so fresh and as if they had not been up all night preparing and cooking which I suspect is exactly what they had been doing.  After we filled our plates, we headed outside to see nearly every spot taken at rows and rows of portable tables.  We spotted just two chairs which happened to be next to good friends, Winnie & Tiny.  Yea!!!

Not only was the food delicious and the New Year’s greetings sincere, but it was pleasant to hear what everyone had done over the holidays with the news that the principal’s wife had twisted her knee as they snow-skied in Taos, Winnie & Tiny had celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, Cydney continues to have trouble with her back, Fern had attended church and prayed for those of us who skipped today, young Tyler had graduated with an engineering degree and is working in Scotland, the Locker/Starr wedding is on track for this summer and the reception will be held in the Locker’s large barn, and Weldon has received news that his cancer is operable and is offered new hope.  What a wonderful occasion and wonderful place to live.

Now, I must get some sleep because school begins tomorrow, and it is off to work I go tomorrow, but hopefully tomorrow, I will share my “Apricot Bars” recipe with you.  The dessert received many compliments, and it is so easy and quick that I know you will want to try it.