I am a high school English and theatre teacher who, along with my husband, had a dream of living in the country at the “Mountain Pasture.”  In the spring of 2008, we quit our jobs and moved to the “Mountain Pasture”.  How we got here and how we worked to make our dream come true is a topic about which I hope to write.  I also will write about my day to day life of teaching school in a small rural school of around 110 students in grades K-12.  My husband, Grant, is a retired professor and professional archaeologist.  I have worked in various positions, including Library Director and teacher.  Now, we are living our dream on top of the mountain at the “M.P.” with our cat, Mike.  Every day in the country, at least 25 miles from the nearest grocery store, brings us a new adventure.  We are still living, so we are still learning!


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  1. Hi, just got to read your storys, how wonderful, my family too. small memorys of Texas and family so thankyou for writing. your cous darlene

    • Thank YOU for reading the blog! I just happened to be on here. Please pass on the blog address to other family and friends. I really appreciate you taking a look at it!

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